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Take surveys to voice your opinion, make a difference and earn rewards. KNOTs conducts market research around the world for various industries, and relies on a unique network of individuals who take time to share their opinion, and make a difference. Joining KNOTs Club is easy and rewarding. Come join us. Become a member today!

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  • It's easy to join and easy to participate.
  • It's rewarding to voice your opinion and get involved.
  • It's a place where you get to make a difference.

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Welcome to our Final KNOTs Point Redemption Campaign

The campaign will close on Sunday 25 September 2016.

Log in to change your KNOTs points into a voucher, if you have minimum 1600 points.

In a nutshell

  • Taking Surveys

    As a member, you will receive invitations to take surveys from KNOTs Club. In your own time, you can share your opinions on companies, products, brands and campaigns.

  • Points & Prizes

    For every survey you complete you will be rewarded with KNOTs points. These points can be converted into vouchers at department stores throughout Europe.

  • They Say It

    “I earn lots of points simply by completing surveys and it also gives me the opportunity to express my honest opinions. I also get to track the latest developments in the cosmetics sector, which I find very interesting!” -- Gail, Manchester

  • Become a Member

    Signing up is quick, easy and worth your while. Make a difference and start earning KNOTs points today.


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